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Incoming Students

The aim of Erasmus+ Programme:
The aim of Erasmus programme is to raise the quality of education in Europe. This aim may be summarised as offering the good practices of education in different countries of Europe to the whole Europe.

The objectives of Erasmus+ Programme
The objectives of this programme are to promote the collaboration of universities and  student and staff mobility among universities, to recognise the achieved studies academically and to contribute to the development of academic transparency.

Erasmus+ Programme  is not,
-A foreign language learning programme,

-A scholarship programme,

-An academic  degree programme


“Stuedies Mobility”

European students can apply to Medicine Faculty of Akdeniz University as an exchange student within the framework of the Erasmus programme on “Studies Mobility”, provided that their home institution has a bilateral agreement with Akdeniz University applicable for the Medicine Faculty  in which they are registered. Exchange periods can be between three to twelve months.

The students who would like to study at Akdeniz Unviersity as exchange student should be nominated by their home institution. No application will be accepted without the nomination e-mail!

After the nomination e-mail have been sent, exchange students must first contact their own institution’s international relations office, international coordinator, or ECTS coordinator. And Exchange students must also get in contact with us from degisimtip@akdeniz.edu.tr and choose their courses according to their intended duration of study and the credits their need

Please look at the right side of the page for the list of available courses.

 Courses and exams are offered in English for the Incoming Erasmus students do not pay any education fee for studying at Akdeniz University.

When you give us the information of the courses that you determined we will discuss it at our regular meeting and we will give you feedback. After your courses approved by us please start the following steps to make your application at Medical Faculty of Akdeniz University.

Application Form: You will receive Application Form from our e-mail. Please fill it on computer.

-Learning Agreement: Please prepare your Learning Agreement with the help of us (for your courses) and send us scanned copy via e-mail. You can get information about courses and their contents. Please keep in mind that there should be no overlap between courses. Learning agreements are made before the exchange periods but may be changed after arrival.

-Transcripts of Records: It should be your latest transcript that you received from your university.

-Digital Photo: We need it for your hospital badge. You will use it for the hospital’s doors.

-Copy of Passport: Please send us copy of your passport scanned via e-mail. If it is not ready, you can send copy of your ID Card.

 We will send below documents to the International Relations Office of Rectorate. They will send you the Acceptance Letter.

The International Relations Office of Rectorate and our unit also make sure the incoming exchange students fill all the necessary forms and help them with the registration.


“Traineeship Mobility” – “Summer Practice”

We also offer trainings for incoming Erasmus students on “Traineeship Mobility” and “Summer Practice”. Please contact the Exchange Programs Unit of Medical Faculty (degisimtip@akdeniz.edu.tr), to specify the trainings you intend to receive and find out availability. Trainings are offered in English. After determining your courses you  need to  send Application Form, Learning Agreement, Digital Photo and Copy of Passport


After your arrival in Antalya;

We look forward to meeting you! After your arrival in Antalya, the first stop is the Office for Rectorate International Relations. Please go to directly their Office. The next stop is our Unit at Medicine Faculty We wait for your visit in the Exchange Programs Office of Medicine Faculty (see the address in contact) to meet each other. Please let us know by email in which dates are you planning to come so that we’ll be ready to welcome you!

 Please bring copy of your acceptance letter with you when you come to visit us

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